ACE regularly offers the following classes:

Intro To Agility and Obstacles - Dog and handler teams will learn how to help their dog focus, work on foundation exercises to build obstacle commitment, learn basic commands for negotiating agility obstacles, as well as be introduced to the obstacles themselves. All ages are welcome at this level and individual needs will be considered. Puppies (12+ weeks of age with immunizations current to that age) less than one year are eligible for the class. However, they will not be using full-sized agility equipment, but rather building a foundation for agility or other training.  Goal: Canine teams learn to work as a team and canine (1+ years of age) is able to negotiate most obstacles on their own. 

Sequencing - Teams will learn handling skills and begin running short  sequences and learn to negotiate common challenges in courses.  Goal: Off-leash control and handlers use clear and consistent cues.

ACE reserves the right to dismiss any team and refund adequately. ACE also reserves the right to ask any team to move to a more appropriate level for their abilities.

Also see:  How to Register for a Class 


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